About Eliza

About Eliza

Eliza is here to help people start their shopping journey online, with honest and friendly advice, wisdom and inspiration in fashion and beauty.

We want to empower our readers to shop smarter – which means not breaking the bank, not destroying the planet, not spending hours scrolling and not feeling excluded or guilty.

We are a team of expert journalists, editors and content creators who love shopping online. When women come to Eliza we want them to share our passion for the fashion and beauty world, while feeling confident we can help them on their journey.

Whether you’re deciding what to wear, need advice on how to wear it or what to buy – we’re here.


Fashion on Eliza is friendly, honest, fun and relatable. We want to arm you with everything you need to make smarter choices; from the life cycle of your the clothes, how sustainable they are, their value for money and of course, whether they look good.

From discovering new brands, to experimenting with trends and styling things you already own, our team are dedicated to help you shop better.


Beauty on Eliza is for women who are looking to make their next beauty purchase in skincare, makeup, haircare or wellbeing. We’re here to inform and inspire with authentic reviews, trustworthy product rounds-ups, expert advice features and original video content.

Our mission is to explore affordable beauty products, and if something is expensive, we’ll help answer – is it worth spending more? And if so – why?

We offer insightful information about ingredients and application, while debunking the typical beauty fluff to help you navigate the complicated and time consuming decision making process. We want everybody to feel welcome and represented in Eliza’s beauty content.

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