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Divorce gifts & break-up pick-me-ups to treat your friends (or yourself!)


Lottie Franklin

20 March 2023

It’s difficult finding the words to say when a friend or loved one is going through a tough break-up. We’ve all been there – desperate to make someone feel better in any way we can, even when it feels impossible. Divorce gifts and heartfelt presents are somewhere to start – even in the gloomiest of times – as thoughtful reminders that you care and will always be there for them.

From £9.99 to £100, we’ve rounded up the divorce gifts and break-up pressies that’ll make a friend smile when they need it most. Or, if you’re going through your own healing journey, we’d love to think something here might bring you a little bit of joy…

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If you don’t have the words to say, these thoughtful Joma Jewellery bracelets are a sweet gesture to remind them how much you care.

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