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20 Galentine’s Day gifts for under £20 


Lottie Franklin

23 January 2023

Does Valentine’s Day give you the ick? And the thought of going out on Valentine’s Day night an even bigger ick?  

Treat your besties instead and embrace all the OTT displays of love and affection for your OG BFFs. 

Yes, we’re talking Galentine’s Day on 13th February, the day before Valentine’s Day. A chance to tell all your best pals how much you love them with some surprise Galentine’s Day gifts.  

Whether we’re happily loved up or single, a pressie from a bezzie means a lot and makes you smile (sorry, there really is no avoiding the cheese around V-Day but it’s true) Galentine’s Day is as good an excuse as any for a girlie get together – whether you’ll be watching Love Island with a takeaway or heading out for a gossip and some glasses of vino.  

If you’re in a couple, sure save the serious romantic stuff for the 14th and go all out with gorgeous, gorgeous gifts if that’s your thing (of course we have some V-Day suggestions and some dreamy Valentine’s jewellery). But don’t you be forgetting those single pals who might need a little bit of love (even if they adamantly attest that they’re not interested in Valentine’s).  

Here are 20 Galentine’s Day gifts and ideas, from great reads you can cuddle up in bed with to undies you want to wear all day long (not just for date nights) whether you’re treating a pal or treating yourself.  

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