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Gen Z girl gift guide: the only pieces you should buy the Gen-Zer in your life


Annie Wells

16 June 2023

Out of a survey of 1000 people, 99% said they’d find it easier climbing Mount Everest blindfolded than shopping for a Gen-Zer.  

Ok, the above statistic may have been made up for effect, but I would take an educated guess that the results would still be accurate if the survey really had been done. Shopping for a Gen-Zer when you’re not one yourself can seem like one of the world’s most daunting and difficult tasks. With endless new trends being fed to them via TikTok and Instagram, it’s hard to know what’s in and what’s out. Buy a pair of Crocs for a Gen-Zer a couple years ago and you most likely would’ve been excommunicated. Buy a pair of Crocs for a Gen-Zer today and they’ll thank you by owing you their first-born child.  

Luckily for you, one kind Gen-Zer has taken up the task of creating a gift guide so you never have to sit scrolling through 1000 pages of ‘best gifts for a Gen-z Girl’ on Google ever again. 

Need a gift for the fashionista who already has everything? Oh, have I got the perfect gift for you. Know a noughties baby who edits all their Instagram photos in a grainy, retro style? One brilliant gift coming right up. All of these gifts range from just £4.99 to £90 so there’s something for all budgets. Whether you just want a little something to show someone you’ve been thinking of them or want to splurge for a special someone’s birthday, if you buy something from this gift guide, I can guarantee there’ll be one very happy Gen-Zer out in the world.

Gifts under £20

Hair claws are having a moment and this Daisy Street Cherry one needs to be at the top of your gift buying list. It’s pink, has a fun motif and sports rhinestones – it couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. No matter their hair type, a claw clip is a must-have for a quick and slick up-do. And when it’s not in use, it can double as a super-cute accessory clipped onto their bag or bikini strap.  

Oliver Bonas is the go-to for fun, affordable décor and these beautifully coloured glass candlestick holders would be a stunning addition to anyone’s home. Being double sided, they can be used to hold tea lights around the bathroom to create the perfect zen setting, or can be turned over to hold colourful taper candles for a vibrant dining table centrepiece.  

Give someone the gift of hydration with the cutest water bottle around town. The ideal size for transporting at 16oz and so aesthetically pleasing, this water bottle is bound to go everywhere with its new owner. This is the perfect gift for the person who is notoriously bad at getting their 2 litres a day in, the person who is already the ultimate water drinker but needs to swap out their old Evian bottle for something stylish or anyone who just loves Glossier. 

There’s something so special about handmade jewellery and this necklace is no exception. Made with freshwater pearls, the prettiest multicoloured beads and a gold-plated clasp, this dainty necklace looks like it would be fit for Ariel herself. Available in varying lengths and with the option to personalise with beaded letters, this thoughtful gift is bound to be cherished by its owner. 

Gifts under £30

If there’s one thing that’ll unite all Gen-Zers, it’s our love of lip oil. One of the top trending beauty products, you can be sure it’ll be a gift well-received. The Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Lip Conditioning Oil has a non-sticky, ultra-hydrating formula, and the heavenly cherry scent gives nostalgic flashbacks to the Maybelline Cherry Me Baby Lips they most likely lathered on religiously at school.  

This bath bomb gift set from Lush is the ideal present for someone who loves soaking in the bath till they look more prune-like than human. The bath bombs are handmade and all have different delicious scents ranging from citrusy mandarin to refreshing mint and cedarwood. Whether the recipient wants to relax in sunset coloured waters or bathe in shimmering intergalactic bubbles, this will be the perfect gift for them. 

Fashion lovers are notoriously hard to buy for. Either you have no clue where to even start, or you know what they like but are unsure what they already have in their bulging wardrobe. But fear not, By Rotation Gift Cards are here to help you give the gift of choice.  

By Rotation is an online wardrobe full of the most fabulous clothes available to rent. From 16Arlington gowns to House of CB tops, it’s like having your dream wardrobe available to you at the fraction of the retail price whilst also combating over consumption – what more could a girl want?! 

This Estella Bartlett Love bracelet is the perfect grown-up friendship bracelet. The soft pastel beads alongside the gold accents make for a high-quality finish that will look great alongside any other jewellery they own. Whether it’s given as a birthday gift, a little pick me up, or just as a reminder that you love the recipient, this dainty beaded gift is one that’s bound to stay on their wrist for a very long time.  

If you haven’t realised by now, us Gen-Zers love a beaded accessory, and our phones don’t want to miss out on the action. We like our tech to look pretty and phone charms are our latest way to ensure that. Not only does this Atelje phone cord look super elegant, it’s also a great bit of insurance for those who are always rushing around with their hands full and prone to dropping things.  

Having a cute phone case to show off in mirror selfies is a Gen-Z essential, and Casetify is the unrivalled go-to. It has so many fun designs and this cowgirl print case is no exception. I’m renowned for constantly dropping my phone and Casetify is the only brand that keeps my phone safe while not making it look like a literal brick. Their cases are available in varying weights and protection levels making it the perfect gift for the klutz in your life, and can be bought for all Apple, Samsung and Google phones.  

Gifts under £40

Mango has created perfection in the shape of this shoulder bag. The structured shape instantly makes it look more expensive, while the denim and diamante buckle add a playful Y2K element, which is an increasingly popular aesthetic. If you’re of an older generation you may be wondering why on earth anyone would want a bag this small, where will their 5-tonne purse with 700 cards fit!? But Gen-Zers travel light. Our phone, keys, ID, lip oil and claw clip are all we need and we’re ready to conquer the world. 

What better gift to give the ultimate consumers of social media than a product from the ultimate social media It-girls brand? Chamberlain Coffee is owned by one of the biggest influencers of the moment, Emma Chamberlain, and is vastly popular amongst the Gen-Z crowd. The Starter Pack comes with a 10 pack of single-serve coffee, a stainless steel straw and an adorable cold brew mason jar. With a variety of different types of delicious coffee to choose from, this gift is bound to be a hit.  

Gifts Under £50

Bad hair day? Stick on a cap. Feeling hungover? Stick on a cap. Want to look sporty and rich? Stick on a cap. Despite the fact the receiver of this gift may in fact not be at all sporty or rich, this Sporty & Rich Country Club Baseball Cap is bound to have them looking and feeling it. If they’re a lover of channelling their inner Princess Di in oversized sweatshirts, dad trainers and cycling shorts, then I’d bet this hat will be the perfect addition to their wardrobe.  

The ultimate marmite gift. Love them or hate them, Crocs are here to stay. And if your gift recipient doesn’t already own a pair, they most probably have their eye on them. Yes, we may be the generation who during Crocs first insurgence said we’d rather die than ever own a pair, but guess what, we’re a fickle bunch. They are now the coolest, comfiest pair of shoes to own whether that be to just potter around the house in or to rock everywhere from the supermarket to the club (yes, really). 

Gifts Under £75

A slightly bougee gift for the designer lovers, this ultra-chic Jacquemus keyring is the ideal present for when you want to buy something luxe that won’t break the bank. While it is admittedly a high price point for a keyring, it’s bound to be very well received by any fashion lover and will be appreciated and admired every time they hop in the car or open their front door. Available in both silver and gold, it doesn’t discriminate against the different coloured metal loving girlies out there.  

Refy is currently taking the beauty industry by storm. Owned by influencer Jess Hunt, Refy creates high-quality makeup products that are sleekly packaged and look and feel beautiful. The Refy Face Collection + Duo Brush is a great gift for any beauty lover. Including their dup brush, cream bronzer, cream blush and gloss highlighter all in varying shades it’s the first thing I reach for when I want to create a flawless, glowy look. 

Maison Margiela’s Replica fragrances are great for gifting. Each scent is unisex and inspired by different memories, meaning you can match the fragrance to a specific memory you share with the person you’re gifting it to making it feel that extra bit special. Sailing Day has a special place in my heart and is the perfect fresh, beachy scent for that seaside-loving Gen-Zer in your life. 

This is the It hoodie of the year. Seen on everyone, everywhere. If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t already have it, you will instantly be propelled to the top of the favourite friend or family list for buying it for them. Made with 100% cotton, I would argue that this is the most flattering hoodie I own. Its slightly shorter length than a regular oversized hoodie means it sits perfectly just above your bum ensuring you aren’t completely engulfed by it. Once it’s on, don’t be surprised if you never see them in anything else ever again. 

While Gen-Z is extremely in tune with the latest tech, they also have a lust for simpler times when iPhones were a thing of the future and candid moments were captured on film and stuck to your wall. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 will allow them to live these sentimental dreams and means no more having to edit their iPhone pictures to get that polaroid vibe. Available in a variety of colours, this fun gift a great way for them to create tangible memories that they can cherish forever.  

Under £100

There are few better ways to make yourself feel fabulous than having your nails done. A good nail day can be the difference between feeling a 4/10 and a 10/10. So, why not give the gift of fabulousness with the Mylee Gel Essentials Set? Including an LED lamp, four gel colours, top and base coats gel remover and wipes, this kit has everything they need to get a flawless, safe gel manicure in the comfort of their own home. 

There is no coffee book chicer than an Assouline Travel coffee table book. While they do have a higher price point, these books are a gift that’ll be treasured forever. Covering locations ranging from Ibiza to Havana, you could pick one about a place that is special to the recipient, somewhere that they dream of visiting one day or just the one that best matches their home interior.  

Get your hands on the ultimate nostalgic gift in the shape of this Astrid & Miyu mood ring. This gorgeous statement piece will not only look good (unlike the plastic iterations we all rocked as children), but will also bring a little bit of fun and mysticism to their day every time they wear it. Changing through six colours, it comes alongside a little colour guide, which explains whether they’re feeling creative, loving, serene, harmonious, shining or reflective.  

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