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Champagne lifestyle, lemonade budget: if ‘how to look expensive’ was a gift guide


Hannah Thompson

20 December 2023

When it comes to how we shop at Eliza, the team all follows the shared mantra of ‘champagne lifestyle, lemonade budget’. Because while we’re obsessed with the style of Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie Grainge and co, we unfortunately didn’t inherit a nepo baby fortune. So we put ourselves to work to find the most expensive-looking fashion, beauty and lifestyle gifts, all for under £150 (bar one investment hair tool which will save you £££ on blowouts at the salon), so you won’t need to marry a millionaire in order to finance your next shopping trip.

Whether you’re buying a little treat for yourself (much deserved if you ask us) or buying for someone who’s always serving luxe lifestyle vibes, count this as your ‘how to look expensive’ gift guide on a budget. Because yes, you can truly live that champagne lifestyle without breaking the bank, no girl math needed.

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