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Festive gifts for the people in your life who just really love Christmas


Natasha McNamara

4 November 2022

Some people live for the weekend and some people live for Christmas – we are here for those people (or at least the people agonising over what festive gifts to buy them).

We’ve hunted down our favourite festive pjs, gorgeous things to dress the Christmas table, sustainable/re-usable crackers, decorations that have been sourced ethically and other festive treats that will bring them joy this December.

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Festive Tipples

We love a festive Snowball as much as the next person, but there are some amazing choices from bubbles to Christmas cocktails if eggnog isn’t your thing.

Christmas Tableware

Planning the Christmas table can go one or the other – too much and you’ll be vibing the middle aisle – too little and it’s just another Sunday roast. Here’s a selection of beautiful things that will make any festive table scream perfection.

Christmas Candles

Traditionally the territory of angel chimes and advent candles, scented candles are now a must and make the perfect gift.

Christmas Eve Treats

Stockings hung by the fire, a carrot and whisky for Santa and a box-fresh pair of Christmas PJs – stick Home Alone on and you’ve won Christmas.

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